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1st Meeting of Chinese Students abroad at GSU 2017

update: 2017-10-25 23:23

The first meeting of Chinese students in German Sport University Cologne was held on 25th Oct. 2017. The organiser of the meeting is AStA and International Office also supported this event. And all the Chinese students were invited to participate in this meeting.

The meeting is aimed to gather Chinese students together and create a stronger relationship with each other (Gemeinsam sind wir stark). More than that, a platform is built to introduce more information of German Sport University Cologne and the organisation organised by students to Chinese students, such as all the services AStA could offer.

In addition, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mittag who had been collaborating with Chinese universities for many years and Nina Eisenburger as the respective of AStA were invited to participate in this meeting by presenting their working content to all respectively.

In the beginning, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mittag welcomed all students to study here and join in. Afterwards, he introduced the institute of European Sport Development and Leisure Studies where he worked in and the master program of international sport development and politics. And he also mentioned the future working plan and development directions.

Nina Eisenburger introduced the system, the aim of AStA and all events AStA would organize. As a self-organized, independent and democratic entity, AStA is a place where people would like to provide services and support to all students with pleasure. Furthermore, AStA not only provides services, but also represents the interests of all students on behalf of the student parliament.

Rui Jin, the organizer of this meeting, also supplemented more detailed information and he expressed that he was willing to help students as much as he could.

All students seized the opportunity to ask Professor, Nina and Rui questions they had after the introduction, including working prospect, difficulties during the process of applying, activities to integrate into the study and German social life and so on. Following these questions and answers, every participant introduced themselves in order to build stronger connections

Snacks were provided by AStA. All participants enjoyed the food and made more new friend.

As a foreigner in Germany, due to the language and cultural barrier and other unpredictable difficulties, everything was not as easy as we thought before we came here. While all participants believed the meeting is a connection platform where there is a good chance to know each other and be easier to start a new life in Germany. From now on, the meeting will be held on the beginning of every new semester and welcome all Chinese students to take part in.

Reporter: Yanran LIN, master student in Sport Management


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